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Here's my first icon tutorial. I'm going to make it public after all since pretty much all the tutorials I've seen are public too. This is made for Photoshop 7.0, but I'm pretty sure you can follow it with PSP. You should know the basics of icon making, meaning layers, modes etc. So here goes.

Learn how to make this icon:

I started off with this picture of Mischa and cropped it to 100x100.

Then I duplicated the layer by right clicking the little picture in the layer palette and choosing "Duplicate Layer..." I set the duplicate to screen.

I noticed that it made Mischa's face a bit too bright, so I used the eraser tool and removed the screen from her face.

Then make a new layer. Fill it with #C3AC9D and put the mode on Darken.

Then duplicate the Background layer, drag it over the Darken layer and change the mode on Soft Light. Then Desaturate the layer.

Then go and duplicate the Background layer once more and drag it above all the other layers. Set the mode to soft light. You can sharpen it if you feel that it needs it.

Then I used a brush by trash_graphics. Colour #C6B38E and the blend mode normal. I moved it a little to the right so it didn't cover any of Mischa's face. I had to remove part of it by using the eraser tool, this depends of the picture you use, if it doesn't seem to bother you then you can leave it.

Then the icon still didn't look good. The brush didn't really seem to match the icon. So I made a new layer and filled it with #C7B48F and put the mode on Color and lowered the opacity to 25%.

It still looked a bit too over-saturated for me, so I made another new layer and filled it with #AD9786, set the mode to Color and lowered the opacity to 74%.

Now I was pretty satisfied with it. Then I added text: Courier New, bolded, size pt 6 and flipped it around by going Edit-->Free Transform.

And voilá, you're done!

Feedback and stuff is welcome and feel free to add this to your memories. If you want to show me what kind of icons you got made, that's cool too. I thought it was fun to make this, so you can expect more tutorials in the future!
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